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Insurance Advice for Car owners

This is our page to help inform our customers of our experiences with different insurance carriers, it by no means is an endorsement or rejection of any of the insurance companies,   

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Velocity would like all auto owners to know it is your right to take your vehicle to the body shop of your choice for repairs,  Insurance companies can not legally make you go to a "preferred " shop.  The Body Shop is the one who Guarantees their work.. 

A lot of Companies have gone to a photo estimating system.  They have their customer download an app on their phone, take photos and send them off and insurance creates an estimate and pays based on this estimate, Velocity would like you to know that this is not necessarily  the final word on your claim, if the repairs cost more than this payment, insurance companies will pay a supplement,  please give us a call and we can help explain this process..

There are a few Insurance carriers that don't cover aftermarket accessories without a rider on your policy this can become very costly to our customers in the event of a collision repair, Velocity urges anyone with aftermarket accessories to contact their agent and just confirm that they have coverage on those items.  

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